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BEVv135 – Beverly in, Face Time Vore – Beverly gets home from a long day of job hunting, and she is anxious to check her email to see if any jobs have replied to her applications. You see, money has been tough lately, and rent is due and Beverly has no food in the house, so she’s not in the mood for any nonsense.

Beverly see no replies from jobs she’s applied to, but there is a new email from… what’s this… a giantess vore fan? UGH! and of course they’re asking Beverly to swallow a goldfish. Beverly is annoyed, I mean how the heck did this idiot get her ‘personal’ email address? This really pisses Beverly off because instead of just waiting for her to make another fish clip, you have to invade her personal space? She doesn’t even know you, and YOU were NOT the email she was hoping for!

Beverly thinks about how she can teach you, and others like you a lesson in manners, and how NOT to invade her privacy ever again!

She scours the web looking for a way to get you… “Hm, this looks interesting” Beverly thinks as she read one particularly post made by another giantess who found the perfect way to avenge her right to privacy.

Beverly clicks on the email from the intruding fan to face time them… once her fan answers she says it’s their lucky day because not only will she make them a custom fish swallowing clip, but THEY get to be in it!

With a few taps of the keyboard, *POOF*, Beverly is able to grab you thru her laptop screen, and magically transport you to her hand. Once in her hand, she drops you into a cup of water she had beside her bed. Perfect.

“You emailed me at the perfect time because I am so hungry.” Beverly shows you her big mouth and down her throat, she makes you listen to her stomach screaming in hunger, shows you where you’ll eventually exit from, and all the stuff you love about her fish videos… Oh, but will you still love it when YOU are the IN the clip?

Beverly drops you into her mouth and open mouth swallows you, just like she does in all her clips *GULP* and down you slide. “Yummy, I bet you weren’t expecting to be swallowed today, were you?”

BURP!!! Oh yeah, you hit the spot… BUUURP!!! Beverly lays down to nap, and yawns really big a few times. The digestion scene is long and Beverly’s stomach makes a lot of noise towards the very end.

Lastly, we added Beverly’s hunt for the fish, which is interrupted by a visitor knocking on the door “Oh Shit”, you’ll hear from Jim. After the visitor leaves, they pick up where Beverly left off, hunting for her victim >:)

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 10:47


BEVv135BTSBehind the Scenes – This is the entire clip as seen from the laptop’s camera. No editing, just the raw footage in it’s entirety.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 10:18


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