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Pets Swallowed, UNAWARE!!!
Plus Behind The Scenes

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BEVv131 – Beverly in ‘Unaware Pet Swallow’ – Beverly is watching an interesting show on TV, when Wink walks in, and sits down next to Beverly,  with a bowl of candy to snack on. Wink sets the bowl of candy next to their pet fish, on the coffee table. Wink asks Beverly about the show she seem hypnotized by, and offers her a candy.

Beverly is so interested in the TV show, she doesn’t look at when Wink is putting in her hand, and Wink also cannot look away to from the TV to see which bowl she is putting her hand into… but it goes smoothly for the most part… Wink reaches into the candy bowl and eats a candy, then she reaches in again and puts a candy in Beverly’s outreached hand. Candy for Wink, then candy for Beverly, and all goes well for a while.

Wink reaches for a candy and eats it, but when she reaches again to get a candy for Beverly, she reaches into their pet’s fish bowl and she unknowingly places a fish in Beverly’s hand… but Beverly is so into her TV show, that she doesn’t notice and she shoves the fish in her mouth and swallows it. Wink and Beverly continue to watch TV and eat candy, unaware of what has happened to one of their pets.

Candy for Wink, Candy for Beverly until Wink reaches into the fish bowl again by accident, but she’s too mesmerized by TV to realize it’s about to happen again… Beverly eats their 2nd pet fish, unaware.

Beverly and Wink finish the bowl of candy, and Beverly asks Wink to feel her belly because there’s something jumping around inside of her… odd thinks Wink because Wink has no movement in her belly… what could this be? Beverly asks Wink to listen to her belly and as Wink listens to all the rumbling, she notices their pet fish are missing. Hm, that’s odd, they wonder what happened to their pets… oh well, Beverly is too full and too concerned with all her belly action to deal with misplaced pets now, so she lays back to digest her candy. Wink’s head lays on Beverly’s stomach while you can hear all the noises, and they both drift off into a digestion nap… zzzzz.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 7:05


BEVv131BTSBehind The Scenes – Beverly’s and Wink’s hunt for her victims, and the bloopers.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 5:10


BEVv130 – Beverly’s ‘Semi-Nude Gummy Swallow Warm-Up’ – Beverly wanted to warm-up with some gummy bears before swallowing goldfish alive. Jim expected the usual open mouth gummy swallows, but Beverly is a naughty girl >:) and she gives us more of a show than we bargained for… you’ll see what we mean when you watch.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 8:45


BEVv130BTSBeverly’s Arrival, and She’s Hungry – Beverly arrives hungry and eats a bowl of pasta and meatballs before her shoot.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 3:02


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